Thursday, November 6, 2008

Elia Gurna

Beautiful Dreamer
paint, paint can lids, paper clips
push pins, pens

Elia's statement:

When I worked in various offices I would stare at the shelf of office supplies above the copier, or the tacked up menus, or the sticker with the phone number for the repairman and daydream about making art. This piece is about that memory. In order to combine the worlds of the office and the studio in one moment I have used supplies from both worlds - the art studio (paint can lids, paint) and the office (pens, paper clips and pushpins). The title “beautiful dreamer” refers directly to my experience of photocopying. While I cannot remember most of the things I was asked to copy, I did have some good ideas for art projects and do some nice daydreaming standing there.


Elia Gurna lives in Beacon, NY.