Sunday, December 6, 2009

kork Advent: Day by Day

Dec 31: Christopher Patch

Dec 30: Sharon L Butler

Dec 29: Angelika Rinnhofer

Dec 28: Itziar Barrio

Dec 27: Mark DeLura

Dec 26: Mark Creegan

Dec 25: Elia Gurna

Accompanying bonus track: No Neutral Ground by einlab.
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Dec 24: Stephen Ray Dickens

Dec 23: Steve Rossi

Dec 22: Robert Lomblad

Dec 21: Bridget Mullen

Dec 20: Jill Reynolds

 Dec 19: Jim White

 Dec 18: Carl Van Brunt

Dec 17: Joseph Liebhart

Dec 16: Lisa Townley

Dec 15: Alisha Kerlin

Dec 14: Karlos Carcamo

Dec 13: Marc Willhite

Dec 12: Kirsten Kucer

Dec 11: Gregory Marvin Reynolds

Dec 10: Theresa Gooby

Dec 9: Sara Wolfe

 Dec 8: Martin Bromirski

Dec 7: Alastair Dewell

Dec 1: Daniel Berlin

Monday, November 9, 2009

kork presents Advent: December 1, 2009-Jan 1, 2010 : Something to look forward to in December.

In this time of year when art galleries throughout are mounting group exhibits with the intent of enticing buyers with an array of small, gift worthy artworks, we at kork, Poughkeepsie's most sincerely avant project space for art, are bringing together our own cadre of artists - and we're not trying to sell you anything.

Rather, we'll be sharing a little time with the art loving public; a month, to be exact.

Advent brings together 31 artists to count down the final month of 2009. In the manner of that desktop stalwart, the page-a-day calender, each day of December will be represented by an artwork accompanied by a phrase, quote or definition (inspirational or not) of the artist's choosing or contrivance.

The project will exist in physical form at the kork Gallery/Project Space in Poughkeepsie, NY and as a virtual calendar in the form of a daily email featuring a different artist's contribution for the entire month of December.
Advent is our gift to the art loving public in this season of getting.
It's the pure pleasure of passing time, one artist, one day at a time.
The public is invited to sign up to receive the month of daily emails, sign up using the form in the sidebar.

We will not sell your email address or any other such pernicious thing.  We will not spam you or send you any emails other than the advent emails and your address will be deleted from our list at the conclusion of the project unless you opt in to receive future kork emails.
We will not resend advent emails after their corresponding day, so if you'd like to receive a the full set, sign up on or before Nov. 30, 2009.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bridget Mullen & Christopher Patch

Bridget Mullen & Christopher Patch
Faces or Friendships, 2009
misc. office paper, push pins

Bridget Mullen and Christopher Patch live in Brooklyn (but not together).

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy

Untitled, 2009
polymer clay, push pins

Lauri's statement:
Offices are unnatural spaces by design. Florescent lighting, ersatz walls, everything geared towards functionality and productivity. I like to envision new organisms forming and thriving there, similar to how grass manages to grow up through the sidewalk. Nature always manages to adapt.

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy
lives in Denver.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mark Creegan

Mark's statement:

Copy machines and cork boards!
They go together like cabbage rolls and coffee!
My plan is to create a participatory project with daily interventions involving the copier and the board.
Each business day, a new copy will appear in the center of the board, sort of like a daily announcement. This project will develop very organically and the premise may even alter as contingencies warrant.
Ultimately, I hope this will be something everyone in the office enjoys, that it engenders either a smile to deep philosophical contemplation. I welcome any comments, suggestions, observations, and thoughts. I can be reached at markcreegan[at]yahoo[dot]com.
Thank you.

The development of Mark's project will be documented and updated here on the blog on a weekly basis. Be sure come back to check on the progress.

On Monday, June 22, Mark gave 5 day notice  that he'd be leaving his position at Bailey Browne CPA & Assoc.  His letter was printed out and posted on the kork board along with all rest of his output of the past two months: 
Memo to: Bailey Browne CPA & Associates

From: Mark Creegan

Re: 5 day notice

This is to inform you that I am submitting my 5 day notice. I promise to clean my work area (i.e. corkboard) before I leave. I would stay longer to help train my replacement, but since he or she is just another artist, he or she will be doing whatever he or she wants to do (commie hippie!) I am sure nothing he or she does will be half as brilliant ( they will probably just send in requests to photocopy people's bums- how original!). By the way, if someone comes around saying he is a "consultant", thats NOT an artist!

Don't expect to much work from me during my last week, I will probably just work from home and email work that someone else (Gina) will do. My lunch breaks are going to be like 4 hours! I may even get a pedicure!

I was hoping to move on to better things but the economy nixed my plans to do art intervention work on the stock board at the NYSE. I guess the clipboard at Dairy Queen will have to do ( I am sure to do wonderful things with sprinkles!)

I am sure someone will want me to do an exit interview. Feel free to email me. I will answer as well as I can, sobriety contingent.

Hasta La vista (in about 4days)!

Mark Creegan

Mark Creegan lives in Jacksonville, FL.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Peter Iannarelli

Untitled, 2007
photocopies, push pins
These pages are intended to be removed from the board, copied and then pinned back to the board. The viewer is invited to paticipate - to you know - fill in the blank, holding a dialog with God, the God within or the God on the page.
If you'd like a set of letters for your very own, email us at kork{at}maykr{dot}com
with the subject line: "let's talk"
by April 30, 2009

Peter Iannarelli lives in Beacon, NY.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Marc Willhite

large format photocopy, staples, bulletin board

Marc Willhite lives in Denver, CO.