Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jörg Bivendørf

Under the Radar, 2010
photographs, pins


Jörg Bivendørf was born on the island Hopen. At age 79, fed up with the secrecy of his possible parents among the four resident researchers at the weather station, he stole a wagon and set sail for Biarritz. Seventeen months later, barely dry, he drifted up on the shores of Barentsburg and took a cab to Longyearbyen. He found Svalbard an ideal place for fashion inspiration because of the pessimistic temperature readings. For Jörg, more layers equals more Fashion.
Jörg was named for his Swedish grandmother Jörgina VIII, who is credited with coining the term "you wanna make a muffin? When he was born, realizing he was completely naked, Jörg began fashioning garments out of necessity. His first design was the totally organic and original Seal Chaps ™.
Nowadays, Jörg chooses Longmont, Colorado for his collaborations with Beauty due to the friendly and professional service at The Cheese Importers.

A compendium of  Jörg's avant fashion adverts is available here.

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