Wednesday, November 30, 2011

kork Advent 2011

December is upon us, as is the end of 2011.  So too is the end of kork.  After three years of serving as a bastion of culture in Poughkeepsie, perched not so high above Deborah Bailey Browne, CPA's photocopier, kork is calling it quits at the end of December.

Some 31 artists are helping to countdown the final days of kork with an artwork for everyday in December.

The Advent project we held in December, 2009 was so fulfilling and so much fun, we thought we'd do it again...just a little differently.

This time, kork instigator (Chris Albert) is crowd sourcing the resolution, reworking, or even total annihilation of his painting THA from 2001.  Participating artists are pitching in, "re-invisioning", "re-working", or simply obliterating this painting by man handling bad 4"x6" photographs of the painting. 

Once done, these photographs will be mailed by the artists to the accounting office in Poughkeepsie and then deployed onto the kork board.  Subscribers to the Advent mailing list (see the form to the right) will receive an email featuring an image of the day's postcard artwork.

It's a bit of sharing, a bit of giving and a bit of caring....all just in time for this holiday season.


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